Thursday, March 05, 2009

Oh Anuta!

The other day hubby and I watched a culturally inspiring documentary on BBC about the Anuta tribe. Anuta Island is one of the 900 Solomon Islands that are inhabited with only about a population of 300 persons. The circular island is only 400 metres wide, and the highest point being 65 metres. Based on the documentary (which can be viewed here) we saw how beatiful the white sandy beaches are on this island. The only drawback to this paradise is that, it is frequented by cyclones. Without any hotels, pollution, television, this island can be a good place to see at least once in a lifetime.

The Anutans are physically far from the big civilizations od this world, however what is interesting about this small group of people are their culture. They have songs and rituals for welcoming, songs for washing the carrots, rites for first time fisherman, for the visitor leaving, catching food, etc. The documentary shows the typical islanders' way of life (with the distinct division of labour between men and women, they are very traditional). Restaurants don't exist here, but instead one is welcomed for a meal at the Anutan home. Another thing that doesn't exist here, are clinics,which can be a challenge to a sick or injured islander.

Watching this show just made me appreciate how simple living can be so stress-free. The local Anutan's were always smiling, and happy about life on the island. This music loving people may never set foot on other islands their entire lifetime, but surely this does not stop them from enjoying that small island they have. What a wonderful world!
Photo credit: Rainbowphoto


Simon said...

I remember having similar feelings when I first saw that episode of Tribe. I have my concerns now though - the BBC returned there to film for South Pacific, and I worry that by visiting too frequently, exposure to journalists and TV explorers may damage irrevocably the tiny island lifestyle?

Coriander Dreams said...

Hi Simon, that's quite typical of human nature.. nothing is kept a secret once it's broadcasted to the world.. i wish they wouldn't exploit the island, as the locals are so luckily innocent and yet unaware of the threat. I couldn't post a message on your blog.. but, wish you the best in your impending plans! :) Cheers!

Simon said...

Thanks very much :)
Here's to Anuta staying a happy, stress-free community!

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