Monday, February 23, 2009

Adventure trip

I haven’t really tried camping out, as far as I remember. However, I do have photos of camping when I was younger (back when I did not have a choice but to tag along with my family!). As I am a grown up now, I realize that my parents were a lot more adventurous when they were my age. They have gone backpacking around Europe, taking overnight trains, using station lockers, camping at the beach, etc. I wish I could be as adventurous as them. Should we plan something such as Alaska Travel, I may end up scouting for nice hotels, while they wouldn’t mind camping somewhere like Denali Park. I guess, if and when that Travel Alaska trip happens, I would ask one of my siblings to stay with me at some hotel! I know there are a number of options available when traveling to this scenic state of Alaska. Perhaps I may want to try some unconventional type of accommodation for once. Truly in a cold place as that there couldn’t be any insects or whatever. There, I have just said it. One of the main reasons I am not up for camping is because of my fear of these unsightly small creatures!

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JonJon said...

I once followed a motivational camp when I was a high-scool student. That was my very first experience but it was fantastic, though I was really tired. But I've never tried backpacking yet I wanted to try someday.
Excellent post!
Have a nice day & take care.

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