Saturday, February 21, 2009


Officially, I'll be studying again starting this monday! It will be a postgrad course relating to Law and Migration in Australia. So, that means back to reading books, case studies, a lot of research, etc! I am excited as this would open up another possible career for me. (Well, that AND travel). Within the next few years a close friend and I are hoping to help people give Australia a chance, possibly to live here. (Read when I found out about getting offered a space in the program)

We'd be studying part time, in an intensive face to face program (a few weekend seminars), as well as a portion of online courses. I tried to navigate the online student area last night and I was fumbling!! :X As much I don't consider myself a very techie person, I might have to ask hubby later on until I get comfortable enough to navigate the forums, presentations, etc! I'm sure I will learn and feel confident in this later on. For now, I am just looking forward to learning something new, Again!

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Makoy said...

hi there kabayan! thanks for the comment. i hope you can join my $200 blog contest. happy weekend!

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