Sunday, February 01, 2009

How exciting can it get!

I have never really been a sports fan, but watching the recent Australian Open kept me on my toes! First, Dokic's games, then Serena's, then now Nadal's(hottie)! In the beginning of each game, since I don't really know the history behind them, I don't root for a particular player. I just watch. Then thirty minutes into the game I decide who I am rooting for!! Now, watching the men's finals, three hours after the first set, I just get excited every point made by my player! Especially this finals game, such a tight competition between Nadal and Federer! One wins every other game, and then so many deuces, ties, etc. I am thinking of playing tennis (I did so ages ago!), but when I was talking to hubby earlier he said it might be just one of those hype things. So.... Hmm. Oh well, back to watching the last few hours/minutes of the Open!! I think it would be Rafel Nadal. Let's wait and see.

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