Sunday, February 22, 2009

Travel Dilemma

So many times when booking my passengers’ overseas and domestic trips, we talk about the dilemma of booking an accommodation (in some cases cheap hotels in Amsterdam) versus staying with family and saving.

I know some people would rather save up on hotel expenses in order to have more shopping money. However, some people, which in my case I tend to prefer at times, would rather book a hotel than bother close (or otherwise) relatives. It can be overwhelming being a visitor to someone’s home. No matter how close you are, sometimes you just want to lie in bed without dinner (due to exhaustion or what) and sleep.

I’ve got a good friend currently based in Holland, and she was asking me to stay with her when I do visit. I guess, I could stay for a night, and then still book at some hotel in Amsterdam for the rest of my stay. We could still meet up during the day or evening, but at least she won’t have to feel obliged if she had other plans. Who knows I could probably even schedule some ocular inspections at luxury hotels Amsterdam and get free room nights there! Oh the joys of being a travel agent. I can dream right!

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