Sunday, February 22, 2009

Should we go see South Coast?

Most of hubby and mine's travels are to the northern part of NSW. For some reason we are usually heading north. So this Easter Break, I am thinking if we should maybe head South. The last time we were down was last year when we went to Bulli (see photos from our weekend in Bulli). Tourism NSW comes up with really nice adverts such as the photo, and I am now inclined to go maybe to Jervis Bay or something. It would have been nice to go to the PaperBark Camp, very pretty nestled in the woods sort of thing (I blogged about it here) however 1. It is quite on the expensive end 2. We will need to have a car if and when we visit. (Hubby is intending to get his license soon! Yipee!). So, anyway, we may just settle for beach front again, which really cannot be 'that' bad! I still have 2 months to think of a place where we could relax and ponder about the true meaning of Easter.

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