Friday, February 06, 2009

Mane and Tale

Ask a bunch of women and next to their figure, hair would be the next obsession. At least at work, in my team we are a bunch of females who desire pretty hair (whether it be style, texture, or colour!). The three most youngest ones are the ones always obsessing about getting the perfect hair colour and style, while the older ones such as myself, are happy with having perfectly healthy hair. One was so into her hair that one bad hair day, she went to the beauty parlor on her lunch break just to get her hair ironed out and straightened to perfection! When she got back it was the talk of my team, as this lady’s hair was already thinning out and so we were giving her tips on how to keep her hair healthy. Especially now that it’s summer, with the sun’s heat and dry air in the atmosphere, it is just essential to keep one’s mane looking good and healthy. I’ve discovered bc bonacure from a website that offers this product at really discounted price, with a range of other product selection. I heard they even do efficient and speedy delivery service so I am sure that it will reach me sooner rather than later in this summer season.

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