Monday, February 09, 2009

Appalling news : Victoria bushfires

How sad it is about the recent news on the Victoria bushfires that's been going on for a while now, particularly the ones the past week. I've even seen on the news that the Victorian premier and Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd caught on camera getting very emotional about this situation. Imagine at the moment total death toll is at 134 lives, and it still meant to rise and hit about 200. More than 750 homes raised to the ground. Crazy! And, to think a few of the fires apparently have been lit up by some psycho arsonist/s!

Day in, Day out this is the body of the news. It is very depressing, and really one would be moved to tears and emotion watching these stories. People losing loved ones, pets, their homes, memories, things of sentimental value, businesses, etc. People affected ask where do they start from here? How do they start building their lives again. Unimaginable. Imagine running for your life, away from raging fire. Exasperating.
I can only pray for these people, for strength, to get up and rebuild their lives. If you would want to give donation to help these people, red cross australia organises this through their website. Information is found here.

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