Monday, February 23, 2009

Random Survey

Interesting Random Questions, For the Bored

What room are you in?: living
Are you using a laptop or desktop?: laptop
What's your hair color?: brown
Eye color?: brown
Favorite sport?: nil
How many trophies/ribbons/crown/awards do you have?: 7
How much money do you have to yourself in cash?: aud30
How old are you?: 31
What's your name?: marie
Are your nails painted at the moment? If so, what color?: nope
Are you female or male?: female
What color shirt are you wearing?: hot pink
How tall are you?: 5'3"
Are you wearing socks?: nope
Close ur eyes, shake ur head, then open ur eyes what's the 1st thing you c?: screen
Is there a music player in the room your in? (besides your computer?): nope
How many things are taped or pinned to your bedroom wall?: 1
How many lightbulbs all together are in the room your in?: 1
What are you sitting on right now?: couch
Is anybody you know right now pregnant?: yes
Has anybody you know died in the past month?: nope
Do you have to go to the restroom right now?: nope
What activities/sports/school clubs are you in?: none
How many garments are you wearing?: 3
How old are you?: 31
What is the nearest thing to you that is red?: ice cream tub
How many schools have you been to so far in your life?: 7
What was your favorite birthday party?: dont remember
Is your hair curly or straight?: curly and straight!
What color is the phone that is right next to you or nearest to you?: black

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