Monday, February 02, 2009

My current floral obssession

Since about November, I have been into fresh flowers. I have been keeping a fresh bunch at my vase at home, and so far it has never been empty. In December it was the Christmas bush, and in January I had a bunch of gerberas and lilies, now I am just about to discard my lavender. In high school I thought I was just interested in everything floral such as : pencil cases, binders, organizers, bags. I never really got to cultivate my love for flowers until I had my own home. I realized that flowers can make a big difference in enlivening a room. Flowers give that sense of calmness and joy, that’s why it is given to a loved one when welcoming a new family member, in times of grief, at weddings, at concerts, during courtship, etcetera. Depending on the type of flower, there are various meanings attached to it and depending on the occasion. Going back to decorating my home, I guess at the moment I am just really trying to channel my energy to nurturing a plant since I don’t have my own bub yet. Perhaps I would not even mind trying my skills later on when we have our own place, to try and see if I’ve got a green thumb, by keeping a garden. I am just dreaming on, I should first try to make my current African violent plant sprout some flowers again! Still so much to learn!

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