Sunday, February 01, 2009

Remember when I used to hide chocolate eggs

As early as now, I am thinking of Easter Celebration Ideas. Really, come to think of it, Easter holiday is not that far away (only about 2 months and a bit). I am wondering how we are celebrating it this year. Last year my family was here and we spent it at the Sydney Royal Easter show. I don't think we are going there this time. One of the best easter celebrations I had attended was in Denmark a number of years ago. We arrived Copenhagen just in time for Easter and the children went on an easter egg hunt around the church courtyard. I guess this does not really beat my favorite Easter moments when I was younger. I used to be assigned to hide easter eggs around the house. It was a combination of real eggs, as well as chocolate eggs. My siblings enjoyed looking for them around the house, but not as much as hiding them! I remember still finding eggs a few weeks after the celebration though! I am such a good keeper, I do not even remember where I hid them!

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