Photos from My Weekend at Bulli

Continuing from my previous post, here are photos from my Bulli Weekend last month. (You pronounce it Bull-Eye)

If you're interested in travelling to Bulli, and have Qs, let me know! :) By the way I am looking at going back to this amazingly beautiful place when I get the chance!

A few notes on this weekend trip: The waves were huge and surfers were hitting the water. Though, we saw icky bluebottle jellyfishes in the water so I don't know how the surfers do it.
We stayed at Bulli Tourist Caravan park, and our beach cabin was right across from the sea. Breathtaking view. Weather was lovely, perfect for our Anzac long weekend holiday!

Bulli is only about an hour and a half by train, and the caravan park is just a few minutes from the train station, and is close to downtown Woonona. It's a family friendly place where you can do activities such as: Biking, Surfing, go Swimming, have a picnic, go bushwalking, go on a photo trip, and these are only what I can think of now. There are other places you can visit close to Bulli, such as Wollongong and Kiama.


wow.. that looks like a nice, relaxing place... wish i could visit it sometime.
the teach said…
Beautiful shots of a place I don't know but if you say it's on the South Coast I sort of have an idea. I's spent some time in Sydney...

I got to these pix from your moonlight shot...
Raft3r said…
cool place
you probably had such a blast on that trip
Toni said…
Those are great captures! Now waht is that little blue thing protruding from under the rocks? :D
Thanks for dropping by my page :)

It was such a great place!

Toni, the blue thingie is a bluebottle jellyfish! :D

gandarynako said…
the jellyfish is a really nice shade of blue! hehehe. the place looks amazing!

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