Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bulli Weekend Getaway

One of the places I went to when my family was here was to place called Bulli, located at the South Coast of New South Wales. It was my first time to travel along the South Coast, and it was such an amazingly relaxing experience because it was located right on the beach. Aside from that first time South, it was the first time I’ve stayed in a Caravan Park. We don’t have caravan parks in Asia, and I think it is quite a cool that they offer you a parking spot to place your caravan, or they do have a built in cabin type as well. Obviously since I don’t own a caravan, we stayed at a beach cabin with sea views. We even had our own terrace, where we spent a few nights just chatting away and where we played cards. One sunny afternoon we barbequed and grilled seafood at the picnic area across our very own cabin! For entire duration on that long weekend we rented mountain bikes and just went biking around the park, as well as the bike path which was scenically located on the beach. It was such a stress less weekend. I don’t think I’ve enjoyed a weekend away as much as I enjoyed that Bulli weekend.

In a few years my family and I are planning to do a big trip and as early as now I am saving up for flights to USA or Europe. I am sure that would be another amazing experience. The US has great shorelines particularly in California and Florida. Or even beaches or lakes in Italy, Greece or Portugal would be nice too. I guess as much as I enjoy going on a trip to the mountains, beaches offer a different and refreshing endless view of the ocean. Well, wherever that may be if it is a much needed break, then the time away will be appreciated. I am looking at the website Dialaflight, and it seems they have heaps of deals ongoing throughout the year to the destinations I am hoping to travel to.

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