Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Italy here I come!

As I've been constantly writing about my love for internet hotel websites, I've stumbled upon one site which is based and operates in Italy. At one can look up different properties to find the best Hotel Venice, Hotel Florence, or even Hotel Naples. The website offers different accommodation types such as: bed and breakfasts, hotel types or even the apartment type which caters to families travelling on a budget (or not). I've noticed that the website can even be viewed in other languages such as Italian, French, Spanish or German. Having that facility is very handy for travellers who speak a language other than English.

One thing to note here is that the website's search engine allows for real time booking availability and details. And in completing the forms and the booking process one can be assured that at all times the sensitive information keyed in are secure. Topping this one off, is the main thing that the website can offer which is : great value for money to be used on accommoation in Italy. This will come in quite handy for me again next year, when hopefuly I get to travel around the world! One can never know too much good accomodation websites!

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