Sunday, May 18, 2008

Turtle Bay Resort in Oahu

Three weeks ago I attended this Hawaii Info night for work at the Swissotel down at Pitt Street Mall. It was such an interesting night where they had a whole lot of information on Hawaii and its islands. There were about twenty or so properties and tourism bodies presented on that night. One particular island which the presenters talked about was Oahu. This island interested me because of the nice beaches, atmosphere, and fun activities that was available all in that island. Really there are so many reasons why visit Kahuku, Oahu is well worth your holiday. There are a few really nice places to visit in Oahu. If I were to choose just one area to visit I would choose Turtle Bay Resort. Turtle Bay resort is only forty five minutes from Honolulu, and offers a world class amazing resort where each guest can choose from a range of activities and appreciate fantastic views of the ocean. Located in one of the nicest cove on the north shore is Hale Kai Villa. About the Hale Kai Villa at Turtle Bay, view is everything. Do you want to know something trivial about the Turtle Bay resort? This is the location where Lost, the tv series is filmed at. And everyone knows how amazing the scenes are based on that show! I guess I am such a fan, both of the tv show and the island!

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