Thursday, May 29, 2008

I'm just wondering whats next??

Recently in my reads I’ve stumbled upon a few interesting that the society/world has put up with! Some are interesting! I wonder who would have thought of them! :D

-- In the news today, I read that Oklahoma’s elected it’s youngest mayor! He’s 19 years old. Can you believe that?!! He’s only just recently received his full drivers license and his permission to buy alcohol! He is a self proclaimed gamer (computer). He’s no other than John Tyler Hammons. Wonder if he’s really capable of running a city. You know the saying that some things you learn through experience. And I believe that.

-- Starwood Hotels has a new position out, and its called “Corporate Director of Fun”! Imagine what responsibilities and duties are included in this? The activities that the person will oversee includes: fireside storytelling, stargazing, outdoor movies among other job attributes. There are a few qualifications that one needs to satisfy to suit the role. One should have been : the class president, cheerleader, bartender, and lifeguard. Do you fit the role?? (Background: this is actually geared towards family friendly marketing)
-- Is your next travel destination the Moon?? Premier Inn is one of the UK’s biggest hotel chain. They have expanded to Ireland, India and Dubai. Their next big purchase is claimed to be a lot on the moon to build the first hotel on the moon!! They are targeting that in the next 25 years they will be accommodating guests out of this world. Imagine paying a premium on your room with Earth View!
-- Ever heard of ‘Heartache leave’? Ever wish you can take a few days off to heal your broken heart? Well, if you were in Japan working for Hime & Co. then you would be eligible. Otherwise, deal with it or take a sickie day off! Hime and Company offers staff under 24 years old one day leave per year and 25 to 29 year olds two days off. If you were older than that then you get three days off. That’s because older people suffer from worst heartaches. I disagree. I think the heartaches hurt as bad no matter how old or young one is.


Vannie said...

wow, is that hotel for real??? i guess so...amazing.

a TAG for you marie!

enjoy ur weekend!

Coriander Dreams said...

Apparently its for real! :) Oh well we'd have to wait and see about that!

Thanks for the tag. Will do!

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