Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Touring San Francisco

Have you ever been to a city where you knew absolutely nothing about? And you were left on your own to find the tourist attraction you were meant to visit? I went to San Francisco a while ago and had to find my way to Mission Dolores. I actually had my family with me, but that didn’t help much because we were all not from there. None of my local relatives were with us at that time since we thought we might as well try to be independent while they were at work. On our way to the town, I remember having to go through a ‘rough’ suburb which had a number of bums and people hanging around the neighborhood. It was quite a wild experience and a scary one as well, just to be at an unfamiliar place with those unwelcoming stares. To add to the experience we were lost at that time and just did not want to nor bother asking directions from people there. I should have been wise enough to book sightseeing tours or should have picked out some other activity from the list of things to do in San Francisco through Trusted Tours & Attractions, rather than to venture out in the wild unknown streets. Well, it was an experience that I would remember for a while, especially the next time I visit San Francisco. Trusted Tours have a lot of interesting sightseeing tours in the United States to choose from. I’ve also come across a number of Things to do in Las Vegas on their website should I find myself incorporating a US trip to my intended Europe trip next year. I am looking at other things on their website and have just signed up to receive their electronic newsletter. They have an ongoing promotional until May 31, 2008. Someone may be lucky to win $150 worth of itunes gift card! I may actually benefit this as I have an Iphone which at the moment is in dire need of new songs to be downloaded!

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Raft3r said...

nothing beats being lost in a foreign country

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