Monday, May 19, 2008

On Paris, Scarlett and Style

I was thinking about a celebrity who actually embodied fashion, someone with style, a person who just by being their own self have other people going gaga about the clothes their wearing or the hair they have on, or literally anything they have on.

I thought about Paris Hilton. She had everyone wear their hair blond as hers, in that odd looking crop, follow the same type of dress she wore, even carry the same type of pooch in a bag! People loved to hate her. She managed to stir society in a way that you’d either love her or really hate her. But either way, both sets of people share one thing in common, that is, still read about her and talk about her. Amazing.

On the other hand, saying that Paris Hilton’s ways epitomes style is quite off. She may be followed by the youth, but the scope of her reach belongs to a particular market, and so it may not be considered so much really all about style. So, I choose Scarlett Johanssen instead.

Scarlett’s got the aura that endears her to people, and yet she does not dress or speak to be loved by society. She just is. She’s just being herself, minding her own business, carries herself elegantly, and yet still manages to keep her feet on the ground. No pretensions whatsoever about who she is, and who she’s not trying to be. In public, you’d see her proud of her own style. A style that you don’t learn anywhere. She may be wearing something that is currently in fashion, but you know that she wears it naturally to embody her own sense of style. Ordinarily, on days that don’t involve the Oscars, or whatnot, she dons a simple yet classy outfit. She won’t overdo herself, and she’d just manage to pull off anything that she’s in. Scarlett does not intend to change her body type just to please everyone else, she maintains her person just how she likes it.

I suppose in a lot of ways I can relate to her style. I would never compromise myself for the sake of beauty, and so I believe that what a classic style is. Long lasting, uncompromising and just being true to one’s character.

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