Monday, May 19, 2008

Today and on Wednesday

Today was quite a long and productive day. I actually went for early breakfast with hubby in the city, went for a picnic armed with my laptop and picnic bag at the park, went to mass, watched DVD, cooked Pinoy style Spaghetti, organised my area a bit, and some other trivial stuff. Hubby and I are thinking whether we can sustain and do this routine every sunday, as we were out and about by 8AM. On a weekend, that is quite a good start! We enjoyed our slow walk and long talks today, and it just sets the mood for the whole day, which is quite good, really.

On Wednesday, I am thinking of using my "Afternoon Off Pass" which I've won from work two fridays ago. Being in a big company, management always keeps coming up with different ways to keep us happy. That same friday my whole floor and the floor above played Bingo! Imagine that! We were all glued to our emails, as the Bingo numbers were sent there, and once one got all the numbers, he or she was to send an email to Everyone on the floor! No, I didn't win this one, but instead my name got drawn out from a hat! Lucky me!

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