Sunday, May 18, 2008

Getting my driver's license

I’ve been meaning to get my driver’s license for NSW for the past five years, but I’ve only started seriously thinking about it again the past few months. I’ve organized so many tours while my family was with me, and all the time I had to just rely on tour companies to do their job. And, yes it was a job well done. But after a while you feel you’d want to be able to take yourself around, drive on your own, at your own time to each place that you want to visit. Not be limited to taking the coach to a set itinerary. I still have my Philippine license but since I am a permanent resident here now I cannot use that to drive here. I’m thinking that it would be beneficial for me as well should I decide to look for Car Hire Spain or New Zealand. Really, I should be putting to practice my driving skills so that I’d be ready to just hop on a rented car, or eventually purchase my own car!

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BillyWarhol said...

Yeah it's worth the Effort + Aggravation*


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