Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Start thinking about Christmas pressies

I cannot believe how much my daughter is into popcorn nowadays! She seems to always want this to snack on. I know it should be healthy, and since it is not fried then maybe it is not such a bad idea after all. I usually buy low salt popcorn in a bag from the supermarket. Sometimes if she is lucky, I will choose buttered popcorn, or when she's even more lucky ... a caramel multi-coloured popcorn bag! (Which I obviously like too!).

What I miss though from Manila is the savoury flavoured popcorn. I remember eating popcorn in a bucket at the cinema that had either sour cream and chives, or cheese flavour. My sister used to really like the chicken flavour so we would end up with two bucket full of yummy goodness! Now that I know that my little girl likes this treat, I should invest in popcorn machines and start looking at products to view. I saw which is a site I think would be a good starting point for me. Perhaps I should look at getting this for Christmas! The holiday season is just around the corner and so I better start looking around at malls for good bargains on looking at these machines. Maybe if I am lucky enough, there will be a super sale and matching coupon or cash back deals out there.

I am running out of time now before I head off to work, so I will need to make a note about this in my diary. I can't wait to see my daughter's eyes light up when she opens the box with her very own popcorn machine! And maybe I should keep it a surprise from my dear hubby as well. Surely he will like to make popcorn from home too!

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