Sunday, October 07, 2012

Such a teddy

No background story - yet
My sister and I have launched our online baby store a month ago, and have been on the look out for the perfect teddy to incorporate with our gift basket. I had the idea to find a teddy which had some meaning to the story of its creation. When little B was born she was given a knitted Teddy from Royal North Shore Hospital. The story behind those teddies they give out at that hospital was that old people would knit them in the aged care centres and give them to the hospital to give out to newborn, or sick children at the hospital. I think that is a good story. Now if only we can source this in the Philippines or tap someone there who has this sort of background to that plush toy. In the attempt to be a perfect business partner, I was scouting for a teddy - but at the mall! So much for having a meaningful background - but well, we had a deadline!

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