Sunday, July 27, 2008

Are you a bag, shoe or jewelry person?

I probably own about 30 pairs of shoes, more or less ( I think it is more though). I don’t know how it’s come up to that number, although I guess because I have shoes to suit different moods I am in. Just like my bags. I probably have about the same number of bags. They both come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. When I like something, for example shoes, I buy them in different colors of the same design, just to match the different bags as well.

Having said that though, I am not really much of a shopper. But, when I start, I really shop until I drop. Although I realize that I am not the best shopper particularly of baby presents. I find that each child is different and I don’t want to give the usual stuff that the baby may already have. I think a shop selling customized baby gifts would really be helpful during shopping dilemmas like these. Personalized gifts for baby would really be appreciated by the parents (also known as my friend/s) as they would feel that thought was given to choosing the best personalized new baby gifts.

When I was thinking what to buy my goddaughter of course I thought about getting her baby shoes, but then she’d just outgrow them. I ended up just getting her this really nice precious pearl earrings that were small enough to suit her baby ears, but big enough for her to use when she gets older. I really hope that she likes it.

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