Sunday, July 27, 2008

P & O Earlybird Cruise Offer

Okay, for a good hour I got all excited about thinking of going on a cruise. Neither me nor hubby's been on a weekend overnight cruise. P & O Cruise has this earlybird offer, wherein we could do 2 nights Sydney - Brisbane or Vice versa, for about AUD 565 per person, for a 2 night cruise in a Room with Private Balcony, on the Pacific Dawn. This rate includes all meals (a la carte or buffet), and afternoon tea, access to various entertainment and activities.

I opted for this coz the price is reasonably cheap, all inclusive, and the fact that it was just for 2 nights would give us a feel of how cruising is like. For all we know we won't like it. So this won't be too bad, if ever. However, when I had a look at the itinerary, the cruise departed from Brisbane at 8PM on Day 1, and arrived into Sydney on Day 3 at 8AM. That's a bit of a rip off, as it would mean the time we board, settle into our cabin it would be night time! So we won't see the view much. And, we'll only have one full day to appreciate the sights before we arrive after sunrise into Sydney Harbour. Well, come to think of it, seeing Sydney at sunrise or early morning would be quite nice. And, a full day to travel the north NSW coast may be good enough.

Of course am planning on my own again and for all we know hubby won't like this idea. We've talked about it before, but not seriously.

Oh, I remembered I get my travel agent rate, so we won't really be paying the published rate!!! Hmm! I suddenly got excited again! I have til September to think about this. I might ring them up tomorrow to check availability and all. Should you be interested to see what I am talking about, click here to see more information!
P.S. I neeeed this for my job! To make me a better travel agent! Think so?!

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Raft3r said...

you're pretty good, actually

you make me wanna embark on my own cruise adventure, too!

have fun and enjoy!!!

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