Thursday, July 10, 2008

Other tourist markets

Today’s world is teaching different industries to accept differences in race, gender, sexuality and background. This pertains to my industry as well, which is the travel industry. Studying Tourist Behaviour in one of my post graduate Tourism Management classes, I’ve learned a great deal about Gay Friendly Travel. There are hostels, hotels, resorts, tours that particularly cater to the gay and lesbian market. The services they require to be rendered are of equal standard just like any other market (such as solo traveler, or family travel). Just like any other traveler, they are after Gay Travel Deals. There are quite a number of travel deals, packages and stay pay deals available out there. A Gay and Lesbian Destination Planner is available as well, advising on the best season (or months) to travel. Information on city happenings, activities and celebrations are out there as well. Gay and Lesbian travelers would know that Sydney’s Mardi Gras happens around about early March of each year. This is quite an interesting event to attend, whether one intends to participate in the parade, or be an entertained spectator like myself in the past few years. There are other wonderful cities as well such as San Francisco and Toronto which have their own Mardi Gras season. This is something that interests the gay and lesbian leisure travelers as well.

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