Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Jamaica dreaming

I remember having to book someone to travel to the Caribbean early this year. Like anyone who’s on a budget, my client wanted options on all inclusive resorts at Negril, Jamaica. I have never been to the Caribbean but I have a couple of good friends who are working for a cruise company based in the Caribbean. They have been asking me to travel to the United States, and then visit them in the Caribbean. They were offering me quite a good bargain to take their cruise on their staff discount! I asked them whether most of their cruise offered adult vacations, as I did not really want to travel around with noisy kids screaming or having tantrums ( I am just being picky and difficult now!). I told my friends I am looking at traveling to America when I get my Aussie passport next year. Hopefully I get to visit them. Just thinking about this makes my mind wander off to warmer weather. Sydney has been so cold the past few days and I am just wanting to be anywhere tropical. Oh well, I can always dream of the sun, and the beach, and some more holiday time away from the big city.

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