Friday, July 04, 2008

It's that tax time of the year again

I received my group certificate from my HR yesterday. Upon receiving my envelope I quickly opened it and was just so appalled with my withheld tax amount. It was a huge one. Huge enough to get a Round The World Business class ticket (speaking in Travel Agents lingo). I know where my tax goes to, but sometimes you'd just wish it wasn't that high. Imagine 30 percent of my salary is TAX! Isn't that SO exciting!! Only if I was getting a big refund amount, but NO, last year and the year before I only got about AUD 200 back. Out of AUD xx,000 I got AUD 200 back. Couldn't believe it. I tried this tax refund calculator.

Anyway, enough of ranting. I should continue onto my weekly things to be "thankful" for..............

  • That I have a job (Hard times and there are people who dont even have a job)

  • That things at work are getting better

  • Coca Cola! I am trying to cut down on this. So, every time I have it, I cherish the moment :D

  • The internet and other modern things that make my life a bit more interesting.

  • Friends (I had lunch with a couple of friends this week and was able to catch up on the phone/YM to those who I couldnt meet up with)

  • Chance to live in a somewhat peaceful country. (it saddens me though everytime I hear or read about political news on Manila)

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