Tuesday, July 08, 2008

What would you do if you were the Richest Man in the world?

Just watched a special feature on BBC Channel on Bill Gates and his empire. It just blew me away. The segment feature Bill Gates and his beginnings, his interests, his young adult life, background and how his interest in computers and technology led him to create the mega company Microsoft. In the interview it was said that Gates made so much money and that if quantified, he’s been earning about $5 million a day, since 1975. That means he is worth more than about $68 billion dollars! I probably won’t even make $5 million in my lifetime, and here he is just doing that overnight! The interviewer mentioned that Bill Gates likes burgers, and that with his earnings, he could give each person on the planet (all 60 billion people) a hamburger (costing say a dollar each), and he would still have about $6 billion left as a change.
The good thing though about Bill Gates, or at least what the interview made me believe, is that he is not a greedy person. Him and his wife, Melinda, have invested and created a foundation in the interest of education, world health and population. Gates has actually invested billions of dollars to funding research on malaria, and is aiming to make an impact on every person’s life by him contributing his earnings for the benefit of the world. Husband and wife Bill and Melinda Gates have decided to give back to the public what they have earned, instead of acquiring properties or giving this to their children as inheritance. Really, one can see that they are quite a well grounded couple.
He's one of those people who looks like all their lives they've just been using their brains. By choice or by not, I think the world needs more people like him. Making good use of his talent and his resources.


Li'l Light said...

i don't know, but i am not convinced enough to start worshipping his charity. he got so much from the world. it's only right that he gives back.

Coriander Dreams said...

Either that interview/special was good enough to convince me. Or I am just too gullible! Hehe! Oh well, I guess the $$$ he earned is still quite a hefty amount either way!!

Salamat said...

I still believe he is man who makes the difference in this world...in his own way:)

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