Thursday, July 10, 2008

Jobs and Being a Nomad

Nomads don't have permanent homes. They never stay put. Well, that's in my words, at least. I may have been one of them in my past life.

This week I saw an ad about Singapore Airlines hiring this particular travel position that I've been wanting. During my younger days I've always wanted to work for an airline. I've tried to enter the industry by going for interviews with a number of airlines (well, about a handful). I was starting out then. No travel industry experience 8 years ago. They did not take me in. I suppose it was not meant to be.

Now, as much as I would love to experience working for an airline (nice real travel benefits!), they are not the most stable employers. A lot of airlines are continuously downsizing. I would need a bit of security and stability.

Talk about irony though, I was talking to hubby recently as well. And was asking him if I was to want to relocate to another city (or country) again, if he would come and follow me AGAIN. He didn't answer me for a second, or two. I guess he felt a bit threatened in a way about the idea of me always wanting to pack my bags and head off to another city. He's seeing the pattern with me moving to different places to live just when I am about to settle in. (Just for my own credit, Though I am proud to say in a span of 8 years I've only been employed in 3 companies so far).

But anyway, talk about wanting a stable career in a stable industry. This doesn't exist I suppose nothing in this world is certain, especially nowadays. But how can I justify wanting a change of environment every 5 or so years? Sooner rather than later we should be starting our family. And we all know that kids need routine and a steady home.

All I can say is one day. One day soon.
PS: I am sure I am not alone in this world who feels this way...

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Raft3r said...

you are not alone.

ganyan din ako.

made your decision yet?
good luck, ha.

i'm pretty sure well qualified ka dyan.

wherever you go, pakiramdam ko kaya mo!

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