Thursday, July 03, 2008

Love and thoughts on the modern world

Some people go around meeting other people through the internet, using online dating services or even through the new speed dating formula. These kinds of meeting were unheard of a few decades ago, but now, every other person would know someone who’s done speed dating or is currently dating someone they met through a dating service. One good friend from Sydney has tried using the 5 star dating website. She’s told me that she noticed that people who go through those services hope to meet people that share a faith in Christianity, or believe in the same things, have the same background, etc. I couldn’t agree with her more. Since these services usually ask about one’s preferences, they usually eliminate a potential time waster who is not matched up to one’s standard or who does not belong to one’s type. Of course it is never guaranteed, and it is entirely up to your discretion just like in any dating scenario to discern if one is a possible mate. I have never done this type of meeting though. If I was single, I probably would not mind trying this option with a bunch of girls willing to help me build up my online dating resume!

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