Friday, July 25, 2008

The bond between babies and mums

I’ve seen a few of my friends with young babies wear Baby Slings. These slings come in different sizes, colours and designs, and I love them. It not only looks stylish but really, it makes one feel so close to one’s child. It looks so comfortable, both for the mother and the child as well. I guess that’s because the material used is cotton, something really soft and non irritating. If one thinks about it, the sling would have been part of our history. The tribes’ women used to carry their young children in these slings while working. It keeps the baby in place, and at the same time is a bonding experience for mom and child (literally and figuratively speaking). Today I spoke with my mom and she’s asked me the big question: whether I wanted to have a child! I said of course yes, and told her I am planning to have one within the next two years (after wedding). She was quite relieved to hear this. I come from a big family and so they do think that children are blessing, and not just a mouth to feed. I was telling her that I am quite excited and looking forward to the day that I became a mom myself. Perhaps I should fast forward my life and imagine how I would be like as a mom, and how exciting it would be to carry my own baby in a baby sling!

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