Friday, July 04, 2008

My Badger Balm

Lately I haven't been able to sleep well, or sleep early. I have found a soothing companion during these restless nights. Badger Balm! :) I'm not sure where it can be bought in Sydney, as it was given to me. But it's helped me fall asleep (better).

The scent reminds me of my first trip to the US, for some reason. The faint smell of chamomile. And for some reason it really calms me, and lulls me to zzzz land.

I was looking whether they had a LoveAche Balm! That probably would be popular. It doesn't have to work. Sometimes it's all in the mind. (A thought ran across me now, what if you saw someone on the train or bus for example, carrying a Badger Balm LoveAche! :X hehe).

I guess we all have our remedies for aches or pains or whatever. Sometimes the mere thought that it 'could' work, actually makes us feel better.

P.S. The balm is really good cause it is not greasy at all!

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