Sunday, July 13, 2008

You are what you learn

Everything in this world would either be something one has learned about in Noveau Riche University or some other university of life. Once in a while I think whether I was better off taking my degree in Politics, or pursued Travel early on in my life. Somehow, I still managed to get to where I am, because of perseverance and hard work. Not to mention countless (or endless) sleepless nights reading inches of text books and lecture notes. There were times when me and my other block mates just were hanging on the cliff and waiting to drop out of university. Questioning and trying to make logic out of our reason to continue with our chosen course. Most of us managed to get through after four or five long years of studying. Only one out of four of my university classmates are working in something related to Politics. I guess, really, we all are connected to Politics in some way. If only Politics in the Philippines was stable, then Tourism would be better! There you go. Travel and Politics.

Having said all that memories and Noveau Riche University dramas, I am still a firm believer that everyone who can afford and is able, should get a Noveau Riche University degree of some sort. It is really the about the training and determination that one would need in real life. True, one doesn’t practice square roots and statistics in the real world. However, at the end of it all, life is all about the equation and balance you make of your life’s components.

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