Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A day in the life of a travel agent

I guess a typical day in a travel agent's life can be quite boring (?!)... Or maybe, it's just mine.

I wake up either 8am or 9am. Depending on what time my shift starts. I jump in the shower half asleep.

I sometimes try to wake up earlier so I can prepare (or grab) a very quick snack to take to work.

This can be a few loaves of bread, my can/s of tuna, ham croissant, or home-stirred iced tea.

I quickly grab my chocolate bar for '3:30-itis' (That time in the afternoon when me and the other girls get restless)

I run to the train station, walking through the park and for one second try to appreciate the birds chirping and the landscape people doing the grass. BUT, it's winter now so I just dash to the station. If I'm lucky the train is immediately there within a minute or two.

I take my 8 minute train ride, sometimes I see a few familiar faces who take the same train at about the same time. I pass by the station which overlooks the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. I barely get to think about anything else, as 8 minutes is just enough to get a seat on the train. Breathe. And then jump off the carriage.

I run to my building, in 5minutes. Bit of a chitchat with the doorman/guard...I clock in, log in, stare onto my PC (I am half awake)... and then take calls, answer emails. Occassionally I get weird emails requesting for more baggage allowance to take a ladder onboard the aircraft (?!what?!), sometimes I get fun calls (oh, my passenger produces for MTV hmmm, interesting, or yep, I saw you won Ms Universe Australia, Congrats.....). Other times an angry client would call from overseas saying they cannot get on the plane and have been bumped off by the airline....BlahBlahBlah... I take a quick lunch break (or sometimes take long lunch with a friend or colleague).. Chat with the other ladies... Attend a few trainings every so often... A few meetings... Etc.

End of my shift. Finally!!.. I put on my coat and my scarf, ready to brave the cold winter night... I quickly remember that I needed a few things from Coles (supermarket), so I grab them and check them out. The lady in the counter is Pinay. A bit of small talk. Nice way to end the day in the city. Only if I hadn't actually lived in the city (I do live in the city)...

OR, other days I have travel industry events to attend to after my shift. I proceed to the hotel. Meet a few suppliers, get brochures/rates/etc. Then have a few drinks, listen to a few speeches. Wait to see if I win any exciting prizes. None. My name is not called. So I just head off....

So, I take the train home.. Read the free newspaper on the way. Actually skim it, as 8 minutes is not enough to read that 14 page hand-out. A friend calls, asking about what options he has if he wants to take a week off from work and travel. I put in a few things I know... End call.

I get off the train... Walk quickly through the park again... In my heels, and my aching armload full of grocery bags + plus my big shoulder bag. I wish it wasn't that cold.. And then it was quite drizzling.. Good thing I live close by..

Home sweet home. I cook up something quick. Have dinner. Shower. Watch a bit of TV. Surf the net for good hotel deals, or some hot destination, answer a few emails. Sit in front of my computer until I don't feel like it, or when the words are all blurry.

Then off to lalala land for this travel agent. Until the next day again. When the cycle starts over again. With a few occassional variety of people contacting me, a few extra things to do, a few extra people to meet. Occassionally I get a few major drama headaches in between.

C'est La Vie.


Cielo said...

i love the way you describe a day in a life of a travel agent...indeed life is a cycle, it may sometimes be a bore but it is always up to us to escape that monotony:)

Raft3r said...


i feel you.

life is indeed routinary. kaya dapat we should find ways to make everyday extraordinary. don something you haven't tried before.

kahit simple lang. kunwari sa office, yun client sanay na communicate lang kayo via email. surprise the client by calling. para maiba naman. simple lang yon, diba. but it breaks the monotony.

tama ba spelling. i'm dead tired. hehe

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